Admit it, Women Belong on Top

I recently read that Hitler was probably bisexual, and that probably tortured him as a “tough guy.”

We all know the alt-right in the US despises sexual and gender fluidity, insisting that women belong barefoot and pregnant, doing their duty to the human race, and that men belong in positions of power.  As a matter of fact, an alt-right website recruited dumb young men by making them believe that they’d get laid.

But they’re so wrong, on so many levels.

Having males dominate positions of power has been the biggest failure of the human race. But I can see how it happened.

The idea of a man seriously caring for the well-being of a woman is sexy.  The knight in shining armor, the provider, the sexy dad… these are things women like.  But that’s not who these men are.

Nothing is sexier than a responsible man who takes pride in his accomplishments (not his skin tone), encourages his partner to be her best and lovingly engages in the world in a compassionate way.

Absolutely nothing is sexy about a man whose only source of pride is the skin color he was born with.

Absolutely nothing is sexy about a man who devotes his life to perpetuating senseless violence and keeping women down through the ignorant allegiance to a cause based in sexism, bigotry and misogyny.

These men believe in some twisted sort of “alpha male” dogma that allows for cowardly and evil behavior in the name of dominance. But true dominance would imply that their position “on top” is unshakeable.  What sort of idiot could believe that he had the favor of his god, and still believe that the actions of some minority could change that?

True dominance is KNOWING, without a doubt and without fear, that you’re in control.

Males in leadership right now, both in religion and in government are afraid, they’re cowardly brats stomping around in their little boots like toddlers who wanted candy at the check-out.

If they want to look dignified, if they want respect, if they want anyone to believe that they’re actually in control of themselves then they need to stand the fuck up, quit whining about inconsequential things.

If the neo nazi boys actually want to get laid, then they need to set aside their stupid war toys and realize that the only men women WANT to fuck are the ones who know their place.  And it’s not “on top.”  That’s where women belong.


Ever wonder why some churches think that God looks down on certain sexual positions? It’s because they KNOW that the only way they can perpetuate the lies they’ve invented about the nature of humanity is by preventing men and women from learning the truth about the nature of our existence, and that truth is that women are creators, while men are destroyers. Men may have made god in their own image, but women are the ones who have been empowered by the creator to bring life into the world. Women are physiologically designed to nurture the human race, while men are a subspecies whose only purpose is to provide the seed for reproduction.

It’s time for the women of the world to unite and eradicate male leadership.  Arbitrary geographic borders based on the murder of its residents is not the way to spark a peaceful society.

People who believe in the bible think that in order for Christ to return, there will be 1000 years of peace on earth, but with men in charge, we are GUARANTEED that will never happen. Male leadership has dominated the planet since the beginning of time, and they aren’t even capable of a single day of meach, much less 365,000 days.

Men aren’t good leaders. It’s not possible to have a peaceful world when the majority of decisions in government, business and industry are being made by these inferior life forms.  The entire planet and everyone living on it has suffered at the hands of mentally unstable men, whose minds are incapable of grasping peace and equality, since the beginning of civilization.

It’s time we collectively “get on top” and show them where they really belong.


Finally I leave you with this: the mindless rantings of some ignorant Christian who believes ridiculous things, and is too dumb to have a conversation with a logical atheist.

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