Toxic masculinity

I recently read an absolutely ridiculous treatise on femininity.  The author blames women and feminism for “destroying nearly everything that had remained for the and failing modern man.” As if that’s even a coherent sentence.

At least the author admits that men are failing, but rather than blaming men, he blames women.  He’s not the only man out there who thinks the world would be better off reverting to medieval times where women have no rights.  There’a also a video series by a Youtuber who calls himself Black Pigeon Speaks, who believes that women are to blame for creepy men and that Christians are more accepting than liberals and that women destroy society, which we can only hope is true.



This dope actually believes that it’s feasible and important to allow men to continue functioning as leaders, in spite of thousands of years of evidence that they’re incapable of ruling effectively and humanely.  This dude would rather see men continue leading humans into senseless wars based on the religions they invented than to usher in a new era of humanity based on shared resources, global cooperation and cultural celebration.

If male leadership is such a good thing, why do so many people on the planet suffer?  If men were good at this whole leadership thing, then why is the world such a mess?

Some people have a hard time seeing the truth, and that truth is simply that men are incapable of leading effectively.  Men are not mentally resourceful enough to create a world that’s free of violence and oppression because they’re genetically predisposed to violence and averse to intellectual solutions.

Men like this are the reason our world is such a mess. They fail to see that their methods and logic are fatally flawed.  They fail to see that destroying the lives of women has a direct affect on the children they’re raising.  This mindset results in generation after generation of children raised in war zones, capable only of perpetuating the wars men made with their inferior communication and negotiating skills.

A cooperative world is possible, but not if we continue living by man’s rules, rules which doom women and children to lives of pain and violence.  Man’s religions, geographic borders, and institutions must be dismantled, leaving behind only the truth, which is that women are the creators of the human race.

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