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Many people mistakenly believe that matriarchy is the goal of feminism and that’s not the case. The feminist wants equality, but a matriarchy isn’t equality. In a matriarchy, men are powerless. Just like women are right now in the current patriarchy that plagues the earth. A few females in high positions does not make for equality. In the US only 18.3% of congressional seats are held by women, ruling over a country that’s probably made up of 50/50 men and women.

The patriarchy is alive and well here in the US, according to this definition:

It is, quite simply, a social system where men are the primary authority figures in the central societal roles of (a) political leadership, (b) moral authority, and (c) control of property. In short, a system where men primarily hold power and influence.

If you think government is a mess, corporate America is actually worse, with only around 4% of women in CEO positions at Fortune 500 companies. And in churches, women make up only 10% of leadership. In the nonprofit world, where 75% of workers are female, only 21% of leadership is female.

In 2014, the AAUW (American Association of University Women) put out an article entitled “10 stats on Women’s Equality that might be scarier than Halloween.” Among the scary stats they featured were the following:

When it comes to caring for future generations of citizens, over 32% of families with a female head-of-household (divorced or single mothers) are living in poverty.

Hispanic and latina women are paid 54% of what white men are paid for the same work

Women make up only 14% of the engineering work force (and 6.7% graduate with STEM degrees as opposed to 17% of men)

24/50 US states have never once elected a female governor

The US ranks 60th globally in women’s political empowerment

More than 22 million working women do not have paid sick days (in spite of the fact that over 50% of working mothers have had to take time off (unpaid) to care for a sick child.

In 2014, over 500 laws were submitted to state legislatures that placed restrictions on women’s bodies, while zero were targeted at men.

Feminism would seek to bring women’s representation up to 50% in al corporations, governments and other organizations.

Matriarchy would rather see an imbalance of power similar to what we have now, only skewed in the opposite direction, where men were not represented or given authority in any domain.

The purpose of this site is to start a conversation about a Global Matriarchy, not feminism.  I’m a fiction author, working on a project right now that is set in a dystopian matriarchy that covers the earth.  In my story, the men aren’t only oppressed, as women are today, they’re nearly eradicated.  After 990 years of peace, some of them are thinking it’s time to bring men back and allow them to mix with females in their modern, peaceful society.  Will the women in charge allow this subspecies the opportunity to take hold of society once again, or will the few men on earth remain imprisoned for breeding purposes?

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  1. I agree with you in everything, except the part rejecting Feminism. I don’t think Matriarchy and Feminism are contradicting. The real concept of Feminism is gynocentric, that’s why it’s called feminism and not equalism. The Feminist movement started at a time the society was deeply patriarchic and misogynistic so the first feminists declared that they aimed for gender equality, in order to defend themselves and survive. A clearly female supremacist movement at that time would be violently suppressed by brutal force. Today the circumstances are different.

  2. Feminism wants equality. This website isn’t about feminism, it’s about eliminating opportunities for men to continue victimizing women for their own gain. Men are not fit to lead. Male leadership has done too much to destroy the safety of every civilization and the planet itself. Their lust for power-over-others, their disregard for the suffering of others and their inability to negotiate for the good of all are all evidence that men can not be trusted to continue leading the world in business, government, and industry. The world’s currency, geographic borders and distribution of resources have all been used against women and children. But it is the women whose bodies house the future, it’s the women whom nature has given the role of creating the next generation and it’s the women who are naturally designed to shape the minds of the future. Men are well-equipped for manual labor, but not for building societies, maintaining the well-being of a community or creating fair and equitable systems of government. Feminism is a fine thing, a stepping stone to a better, more peaceful world. But that “better world” will not be the result of equality between the sexes. A peaceful world can only happen when every woman and child on the planet are given the opportunity to thrive, expected to work for the good of all, and allowed to love freely. Hatred can not exist in a peaceful society and male leadership breeds only hatred. If there is a devil on this earth, it lives in the hearts of males who believe they are superior.

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